Promoter/Director’s Vision & Back Ground

Mr. Manoj Bansal CMD of the company is Post Graduate in Science. Aged about 46 years has experience of over 22 years in the field of finance, logistics, infrastructure building. In the initial 5 years Mr. Bansal ventured into financial services business and during the period set up family closely held companies having net worth of over Rs. 10 Crore.

Mr. Bansal started company in the name of MPM Logistics (P) Ltd in 2005 and has been successfully handling business of logistics since inception.

In 2008 Mr. Manoj Bansal acquired 33% stake in a company namely M/s Standard Tele- Tower (P) Ltd whose business grew from 20 Crore to over Rs 50 Crore in just 3 years. The company enjoyed CC limits of Rs 10 Crore from Indian Overseas Bank -Okhla and maintained very good banking relationship. Due to business reasons , the directors of Standard Tele- Tower (P) Ltd. decided to separate themselves in their individual capacity. The outstanding CC limits of the IOB, have been paid back by the directors.

In order to steer the business into infrastructure further, Mr. Manoj Bansal reconstituted the company of MPM Logistics (P) Ltd. by changing its name to Aditi Infrabuild (P) Ltd. which has also been converted into Aditi Infrabuild & Services Limited.

The family owned group companies with net worth of Rs. 1500 Lac are being merged into the Aditi Infrabuild & Services Limited to achieve the broader objectives set by the promoters which will enhance the net worth base of Aditi Infra to Rs. 2000 Lacs. During the last three year the business of the company has grown to Rs. 125 Crore. With the present vision of Mr. Manoj Bansal the company has set a target of Rs. 300 crore turnovers in a period of three years with the current year turnover estimated of the Rs. 150 Crore.